Evidence of squirrels and birds

You may hear loud noises from the roof and may spot a nest; squirrels can chew through electrical wires.


Keep bins closed, do not leave food waste lying around and clean up spills immediately.


All wild birds, including their nests and habitats, are protected. Some are considered pests; however, during the nesting period consideration needs to be given before any treatment is undertaken. In the case of both squirrels and birds, a licensed professional must carry out treatment, which may include sealing up entry points and removing nests.

More about squirrels and birds

Grey Squirrels are considered pests in the UK. As well as damaging woods and forests; they can also damage homes and gnaw through wiring, increasing the risk of fire or electrocution. They will enter buildings during the day and can nest in loft spaces and eaves.

Evidence of squirrels or birds in your home include noises in the ceiling, droppings on the floor and exterior walls. Droppings can block gutters and down pipes, which can lead to flooding, ruined decoration and damage to the outside of your home. In the worst cases, bird and squirrel infestation can cause structural damage. Droppings can also make paths slippery and dangerous.

Birds and squirrels can also carry diseases, including salmonella and a type of viral pneumonia. Insects and mites also live in nests which can infest homes.


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