Brighton rocks for Martin

Posted on 14 September 2023

Thanks to great team working at Hyde, Martin was able to move closer to his brother

We always want to make sure that our customers live in the right home for them. This means applying our priority moves criteria while working with the homes we have. By doing this, we’re able to support customers to move to another of our homes when available. Or, we’re able to make rehousing applications with their local authority to move to another landlord, as their needs change.

We recently helped move our customer, Martin, who has long-standing health issues. Martin was living in London and his mother approached us as she’d seen we’d recently sold the flat above his.

She contacted our Portfolio Management team to see if they were interested in selling his flat and if so, could they help him find a new Hyde home. She wanted Martin to move to the Brighton area to be nearer his brother, who can support and assist him.

Jayne Tunstall, our Associate Director, Portfolio Transactions, got in touch with our Empty Homes and Lettings team (EHL). With the help and support from members of the EHL team, Martin has successfully left his Hyde home in London and moved to a home in Brighton, nearer to his brother. Jayne even helped Martin’s move by providing packing tips.

Jayne said: "Martin’s story is a lovely example of how important it is to work together to help our customers live in the right home. Through cross-team working we’ve been able to find Martin a new home and that’s made a big difference to him and his family.

“Martin is happy in his new home. His mum has peace of mind that Martin has support from his brother. We’ve been able to help a customer stay with Hyde and his previous home will be referred for disposal, where the proceeds from the sale will be reinvested to continue improving our existing homes.”

Martin’s mum thanked the team and added: “All the people I had contact with at Hyde were extremely helpful and understanding. Martin is now close to his brother and family – his brother’s wife and young son - so he has a family unit for support. We’re so happy. It’s also a perfect location for Martin, close to the shops and he absolutely loves the flat.”

We’re committed to supporting our customers to find the best homes for them. Our priority moves criteria helps us provide that support. One of our goals this year is to build on the great work that we’ve started around our priority moves and to continue to work with local authorities to find the best homes for our customers.