Time to move to MyAccount

Posted on 06 March 2024

Our online portal MyAccount is a one-stop shop for managing your home.

We introduced MyAccount a couple of years ago, but in the last 12 months we’ve really been working hard to add more features that our customers can use on the go. As well as monitoring rent balance and making payments, customers can now book repairs for their home, view service charges, and more.

Hear from Jai Jai

But don’t just take our word for it. Jai Jai is one of our customers living in Brent, who recently created his MyAccount. He explains:

“I got an email from Hyde reminding me about MyAccount, and I’d heard that there was a bit of an upgrade, so gave it a go.

“Right away I was impressed. I could see my live rent balance on the home screen, and all the navigation buttons were clear. There was even an ongoing repair case I have with Hyde already listed, and I can reschedule the time, or cancel it. It looks and feels great, and there are really useful features in My details and My feedback.

“Next time I need a repair raised, I’ll be using MyAccount.

“I can view my service charges, down to the individual charge. It says the exact amount you pay for each service. It’s the same as the statements we get, but it’s live, and you click to get a little explainer about each one. I can see what communal repairs are going on in my block. So, if I spot something, I can log in to check if it’s been reported to Hyde already.

“Whenever I need to get in touch with Hyde, I use MyAccount now. You can send them feedback or make general enquiries. There’s even a link at the bottom to the Hyde website, and the advice and support pages.”

Consistent service

We want our customers to have a choice, and we’re committed to providing a consistent service, whether we’re contacted online through MyAccount, by phone, or in person through a Neighbourhood Officer. All our customers’ needs are treated and managed the same way.

Create your MyAccount now, or log in and take look around