Managing your neighbourhood

Managing your neighbourhood

We’re putting you, our customers, at the heart of what we do and changing the way we manage your neighbourhoods to improve our services. We want to be more responsive and spend more time in our neighbourhoods and with our customers.

We want to make sure our homes, buildings and neighbourhoods are safe and well maintained. So, we’re excited to be launching this improved way of working to deliver more efficient services.

We’ll begin rolling out this service in January and continue throughout 2024. Please bear with us as this will be a phased roll out and we may not have all roles in place immediately.

What we’re doing

  • We’re putting more resources into delivering local services
  • We’re bringing some compliance checks in-house to reduce customers’ service charges.
  • We’re taking on a more local approach to managing our homes and delivering services. You’ll have a designated officer that will be your point of contact for all your home and neighbourhood queries.
  • We’ve created new neighbourhoods, each of which will have a dedicated officer, who’ll be supported by a repairs specialist, tenancy and ASB officers.  

Why we’re changing our service

You’ve told us you want to live in a neighbourhood you can be proud of, where you feel safe and listened to by us. We’re making changes to be closer to the people and communities we serve. Our new approach will make us more visible, more responsive, and more accountable.

You told us:

  • You'd like to have better communication with us and be updated about services in their local areas
  • You'd like to have more clarity about who’s responsible for carrying out various tasks and resolving issues
  • You'd want to see us more in your neighbourhoods
  • You want more value for money for your service charges.

This feedback was collected by our Customer Involvement team following an 18-month consultation period.

We also want you to regain trust in us and make sure our service is easy to use.

What this means for you

Homes, estates and high-rise buildings

We’re bringing in the Neighbourhood Officer role, which will replace the Property Manager role.

Neighbourhood Officers will:

  • Complete estate inspections and coordinate communal repairs
  • Carry out checks of communal and residential doors
  • Carry out block inspections
  • Support you with tenancy queries
  • Test emergency lighting.

Later living housing

We’re bringing in a new role called Housing Scheme Officer, replacing the existing Scheme Officer role.

Your Housing Scheme Officer will:

  • Carry out estate inspections
  • Coordinate repairs and improvements with our contractors
  • Test emergency lighting testing in buildings with emergency lights.

Supported housing

We’re bringing in a new role called Supported Housing Officer, which will replace the existing Scheme Officer role.

Supported Housing Officers will:

  • Visit customers in their homes
  • Carry out estate inspections
  • Coordinate repairs and improvements with our contractors
  • Carry out a fire risk assessment (FRA) with customers once a year
  • Check fire alarms
  • Test emergency lighting.

These new roles will be champions for your area. You’ll know where to go when you need us and see us working in your area more often.

What the new service will look like


We’re increasing our neighbourhoods from 37 to 55, spreading across six regions, aligned to council wards. This will make our neighbourhoods smaller and easier to manage.

We’ll be more visible in our neighbourhoods and you’ll be able to speak to us more.

Specialist housing

Our later living and supported homes will be managed by a dedicated, specialist team.

Your Housing Scheme Officer or Supported Housing Officer will be your first point of contact.

Our frontline colleagues will be supported by specialist teams within Hyde. We’re improving our processes to ensure that we can manage your queries more efficiently from start to finish.

Please know your tenancy with us has not changed. We’re just improving the way we manage our homes to make your service better.

Contacting us

You can still get in touch with us by using MyAccount, or you can contact Customer Services who are available via our website or in an emergency, call 0800 3 282 282.

Please keep us updated with any changes to your contact details. We may at times need to send you important messages about your local service.


  • When will I know who my Neighbourhood Officer/Housing Scheme Officer/Supported Housing Officer is?

    Your officer will introduce themselves to you in the new year once they’ve settled into their new role. However, you may see the same face, as some colleagues will continue working in their current area.

  • How can I contact Hyde?

    The easiest way to get in touch is by using MyAccount, or you can contact Customer Services via our website or in an emergency, call 0800 3 282 282.

  • Will these changes affect my service charges?

    The changes we’re making mainly affect the services provided by local Hyde staff, so won’t have a direct impact on your service charges. The new roles will take on some tasks currently carried out by contractors, so we hope that in the long run this will have a positive effect on your charges.

    If we do plan any other changes that might affect your service charges, we’ll contact you separately about this with a Section 20 consultation.

  • How do I request repairs and other services now?

    Please continue to report any repairs using MyAccount, or by calling our customer service centre as usual. Any repairs you’ve already reported for the building or communal areas, and any other work we’ve got planned, will go ahead as normal.

    The same applies for other services, including reporting ASB, paying your rent and service charges, and getting support from our Income team. You should continue to do these in the same ways as before – contacting us online, call us on 0800 3 282 282 or use your MyAccount portal.

    One change you should see is that our local staff are able to get updates about repairs more easily for you, and report repairs while they’re on site. This will make our services more responsive and efficient.

  • I’m a homeowner and am in the process of selling my property. Will these changes have any impact on this?

    No. If you’re selling, or thinking of selling, you can carry on as planned.

  • What if I have more questions?

    If you have any questions about your new service, please speak to your officer when they’re on site or call us on 0800 3 282 282.

  • Will my tenancy change?

    No. Your tenancy with us will not change or be affected. We’re just changing the way we manage our homes to make your service better.