Using digital knowledge and tools to support our communities

Posted on 01 December 2022

We held a webinar with our partners to demonstrate how digital tools can support communities through the cost of living crisis.

We recently held a free webinar with our partners to demonstrate the different ways we’re supporting our customers. We wanted to share insights about the impact of the cost of living crisis, and how digital tools can support our communities.

The webinar was held with Lloyds Banking Group, Lightning Reach and HACT and was attended by nearly 70 delegates – a mix of third sector, housing associations and local authorities. The webinar was introduced by our Chief Executive Officer, Andy Hulme, and speakers included:

  • Maggie Houghton, our Programme Manager, Advice and Advocacy. Maggie showcased our award-winning Universal Credit Helper, highlighting how any organisation can create their own branded version of our online tool for free, allowing customers to self-help through the Universal Credit claims process.
  • Jo Boosey, Insights Manager, Group Customer Inclusion, Lloyds Bank, introduced the Lloyds 2022 Consumer Digital Index. The index explores the links between technology and financial capability during the cost of living crisis.
  • Dr Frances Harkin, Head of Services at HACT, introduced their Resident Resilience Insight tool, which allows organisations to understand the impact of rent rises on customers and identify customers who might be in need of an intervention.
  • Ren Hooi, founder and CEO of Lightning Reach, demonstrated their online portal: a one-stop portal that connects people in financial hardship to relevant support.

Maggie Houghton said: “With the cost of living crisis affecting so many of our customers and communities, we wanted to demonstrate how using digital knowledge and tools can help. It was so helpful to be able to link up with Lloyds, HACT and Lightning Reach and demonstrate the different ways we’re doing this.

“Whether it’s finding your way around Universal Credit, or finding more efficient ways to identify customers most in need, digital tools can work really well.

“By organisations working together, we can help thousands of customers, sharing digital tools to help customers navigate their way through these challenging times.”

You can watch a recording of the webinar here: