We’ve changed the way we manage our homes, estates and neighbourhoods to improve your services.

We’ve increased our neighbourhoods to 55 (previously 37 patches), putting you at the heart of what we do and transforming the way we manage our homes to become closer to the people and communities we serve. 

The average number of homes in our new neighbourhoods is around 750 - that's more than a third lower than before we introduced this new way of working, helping us to be closer to customers and communities.

Our neighbourhoods are aligned with council wards and managed by a dedicated Neighbourhood Officer (replacing the Property Manager role).

Your Neighbourhood Officer:

  • Completes estate inspections and coordinate communal repairs
  • Carries out checks of communal and residential doors
  • Carries out block inspections
  • Can support you with tenancy and ASB queries
  • Tests emergency lighting.

Your Neighbourhood Officer will be a champion for your neighbourhood, and you’ll see them out and about more regularly.

Through our new neighbourhood model, we’ll make sure that you feel listened to, and we’ll work hard to build trust and enhance customer satisfaction.