Dealing with damp and mould

Posted on 25 November 2022

We take the issue of damp and mould in our homes extremely seriously

Following the inquest into the tragic death of Awaab Ishak in Rochdale in November 2022, we want to reassure our customers that we take the issue of damp and mould extremely seriously, and investigate every report of damp and mould thoroughly. Making sure customers’ homes are safe, decent and comfortable is our highest priority.

We don’t blame customers for damp and mould appearing; we work with them to resolve the issues.

Following the Housing Ombudsman’s October 2021 Spotlight Report, our Involved Customers’ Resident Inspection team asked to review how we tackle damp and mould, which resulted in a new approach, introduced earlier in 2022. We continue to review our approach, and will be setting timeframes for resolving issues, depending on their severity.

How we deal with damp and mould

We ask customers to report damp and mould as soon as it occurs. If we can identify the root cause (for example, a leak) easily over the phone, we’ll arrange a repair. If not, we’ll visit to assess the extent of the issue, identify what remedial works are needed, take photographs and carry out immediate treatment. We’ll also provide practical advice for dealing with the damp and mould, while we arrange or carry out remedial works.

The attending staff member will speak with the customer to fully understand their circumstances, for instance, if the home is being heated and ventilated adequately. This information will then be reported back to teams across Hyde, so we can not only fix the damp and mould problem, but also make sure we support the customer in solving any other contributing issues to prevent it coming back.

We’re committed to visiting customers’ homes six months after remedial work has been completed, to ensure the damp and mould problem has been fixed once and for all.

Supporting customers during the cost-of-living crisis

We’re acutely aware the cost-of-living crisis is likely to make problems with damp and mould worse, as people struggle to heat their homes. That’s why we’ve set up a hardship fund for customers, and a booster fund to support our community partners delivering cost-of-living workshops, warm hubs and food banks across our communities.

We encourage customers to get in touch with us as soon as they feel they may be struggling financially. Our Early Intervention team works with customers to resolve their financial worries at the earliest opportunity.

Help and advice

There are a number of things people can do to reduce the chances of damp and mould appearing. We regularly update our online information with the latest help and advice.