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Water supply at Gladstone House SE10 - Friday 21 September 2018

There is currently no water supply at Gladstone House, SE10. We are investigating the issue and apologise for the inconvenience. 

Please remember you can raise any non-emergency enquiry via our online contact us forms.


Affordable home insurance

As your landlord, we are not responsible for insuring the contents of your home, eg your furniture, belongings and other personal items within your home against theft, fire, vandalism, burst pipes and other household risks. The My Home scheme (PDF, 159KB) is a special insurance scheme provided by the National Housing Federation Thistle Tenant Risks and Allianz Insurance plc. and is available for all tenants and residents living in social and affordable housing. It offers tenants and leaseholders the chance to insure the contents of their homes in an easy and affordable way.

The scheme offers the following benefits.

  • Flexible regular Pay-As-You-Go payment options
  • No fuss, quick and easy to apply either through the post or over the telephone.
  • No excess (you don't pay the first part of the claim).
  • Covers theft, water damage and fire.
  • Covers damage to internal decorations.
  • Covers accidental damage to sanitary fixtures such as toilets and washbasins.
  • Covers damage to external glazing for which you are responsible.
  • Covers lost or stolen keys and freezer contents.
  • You don't need to have special door or window locks.
  • All postcodes are included.

Contact My Home