Building great communities

Posted on 06 June 2023

“We want to build the best homes we can and create places where people want to live and can thrive. But we must also do more to protect the world around us,” explained our Chief Investment Officer Guy Slocombe.

“Our Community and Place Standard will do just that. It will set out the design standards our new developments must meet, while ensuring those homes are energy-efficient and climate-resilient, and that we’re making the most of our green spaces.

"Doing this right can have major wellbeing benefits and help to create connected and sustainable communities.”

Changing times

The way we build and manage our homes is changing. Technology, materials and design are evolving to meet environmental challenges, and people’s lifestyles are changing too - the population is ageing, and more people are working from home.

“This means we need to adapt,” Guy said. “We’ll need to be clear with our investors, stakeholders, partners and customers about how we want our homes to be built and maintained. The Community and Place Standard will need to ensure everyone has the tools and knowledge to play their part.”

Creating our Community and Place Standard

“We’ll be working closely with staff and customers to identify the best way to meet these challenges, both through the way we design and build our communities, and how we support our customers and look after their homes long term. Our neighbourhood pilots are one of the ways we are already adapting to the changing needs of our communities.”

Teams from across Hyde are involved with creating the Community and Place Standard. We’ve already spoken to lots of colleagues, held workshops and sent questionnaires to customers to ask them what’s most important to them about their home and their community.