Hear from our customer volunteer, helping us design new Hyde contracts

Posted on 25 April 2023

Our search for new Estate Services contracts is well underway. Customers have been helping us to design the specification, and outline everything that’s required, before the contract goes to tender. Potential suppliers will then bid for the work.

Andy has been involved in many group sessions, reviewing input from over 1,700 surveys, and discussing changes to the contract that he’d like to see.

The winning contractors will be responsible for communal cleaning, grounds maintenance, waste management and Japanese knotweed.

Andy explains: “A large part of the conversation during the meetings was around having a good IT system showing the work that’s been done in real time. This would help the supervision of the contractors, and we’d be able to see the consistency, and value for money that we’re looking for.”

Contractors will have to demonstrate how they’re going to provide this IT system in their proposal, if they want to win the contract. And this is just one example of the type of input customers have had so far.

How were the sessions?

“The group included a good cross section of residents from different types of tenancies. Everyone brought different perspectives to what they thought of the current service, and the new specification. The conversations at times were lively, showing how passionate customers are about their services. I looked forward to each meeting and seeing our suggestions included in the new specification.”

Our cleaning grounds maintenance procurement project has been unique in the scale of the involvement, and also because these contracts are collectively the largest that we hold. This demonstrates the importance of customer involvement not only to Hyde as a business, but also to our customers.

Should customers get involved with shaping Hyde?

“I can really recommend that all customers get involved if they can. It really gives the opportunity to have your views heard. If more customers are involved, Hyde will get to know our real concerns - not just the perceived ones, or the ones that contractors report to Hyde. Having an in-depth knowledge of the contract specification will help us to scrutinise and monitor contractors, as we’ll know exactly what’s expected of them.”

If you want to get involved with activities in your area and have your say, our Customer Involvement team would love to hear from you.