In the community in 2023

Posted on 20 January 2023

This year, we’re really looking forward to getting out and about in the community and to your homes, talking to you and carrying out important checks. We also want to find out if you need any help or support from us.

It’s always important that you understand who’s at your door, and why. Remember to check ID badges before letting anyone in and if you don’t feel comfortable, ask them to come back another time. The person might be a Hyde colleague, or a contractor carrying out work on our behalf.

Some reasons why we may be stopping by in 2023 include:

  • Wellbeing checks. We’re getting out and about to your homes to make sure you’re ok - especially customers who we haven’t heard from in a while.
  • Property valuations. It’s time for us to have our homes re-valued. This isn’t so we can sell your home, it’s a requirement for us as a business that owns properties. A company called Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) will be doing this for us - they’ll have an ID badge and a letter from Hyde with them. You can refuse entry if you’re not comfortable, but more valuations helps our finances, which means we can invest more in our homes.
  • Fire safety checks. We need to check that all our fire doors and alarms are in good working order. So, a Hyde colleague or contractor may come to check your front door and attach a QR code to it in the corner. This is a requirement under new fire safety regulations.
  • Property inspections. We may carry out a general property inspection, looking at damp and mould and the overall condition of your home. This includes home condition surveys that we carry out on a regular basis. We want to know that you’re safe and secure and your home is in good condition.

If any of our colleagues or contractors visit your home, please be kind and allow them to carry out their task. We’ll always be efficient and professional in our visit.

We’re always keen to hear your feedback. There are lots of ways you can have your say and get involved