Get involved as a resident volunteer

By becoming a resident volunteer, you can:

  • Help to improve the services you receive
  • Use your experience to make things better for others
  • Meet new people and join a community of resident volunteers
  • Develop new skills and build your confidence
  • Help to build a better relationship between us and our customers

In addition to gaining transferable skills and valuable experience for your CV, we can also provide you with a letter of reference. Members of our experienced team will support you along your involvement journey. Residents who join The OAK – our engagement website - also have access to e-learning through the online training area.

Why not see for yourself? You can ‘observe’ most of our activities to get an idea of what happens. For example, you could attend a group meeting as a one-off before joining as a member. Most of our activities are online at the moment, but we can also telephone dial-ins to meetings or just a chat with someone from our specialised team for more information.

Contact us at [email protected] or sign up to get involved below.

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Read more about our expenses policy for customer involvement activities here. Are you entering one of our prize draws? Read our prize draw terms and conditions.