Our energy supply and your bills

Posted on 12 January 2023

We’re arranging a new gas and electricity contract to help keep bills stable for the future

Our energy contract ends this year, so we’re in the process of arranging a new one. This contract covers gas and electricity for all communal areas like hallways, landings and stairwells, as well as outdoor lighting. If you have your own energy supply in your home, it won’t cover that.

If you’re on a heat network, where you share a communal gas boiler with your neighbours, this will also apply to you.

Energy services are different to all the others we buy. Normally, we’d send you a formal Section 20 consultation letter to let you know that we’re looking to secure new services. We’d give companies a few months to bid for the work and let you know when we we’re ready to award the contract. Companies don’t change their quotes while we make a decision.

Energy providers are different. Their rates change hourly, because global energy costs are so volatile and constantly changing: we have to move fast to secure the best price.

This means we won’t have time to consult with you before we buy our gas and electricity. Instead, we’re applying to the First Tier Tribunal, an impartial third party, for permission to go ahead without going through a Section 20 process.

We’ll keep you informed along the way, and let you know what the First Tier Tribunal decides, as soon as we find out.