Subletting your home

If you are a homeowner and you would like to rent your home to someone else, this is called subletting. You are required to register all sublets with us. Subletting through Airbnb is not permitted - see below for more information.

If you wish to sublet your property you need to complete our online sublet registration form. You will also need to provide the following:

  • A copy of the tenancy agreement with your tenant
  • Copies of any required safety certificates
  • We would request you have a clear service charge and/or major works account or be on a repayment plan with our Income team.
  • A registration fee of £90 (including VAT). You can pay this over the phone using your credit or debit card.
  • Please note, that the registration requirement applies whether the property is sublet to an individual or to an organisation such as a company, a registered landlord or a housing association.
  • Ensure you contact your local authority to check if your home is subject to any licencing regulations.

If an existing tenancy agreement with your tenant is renewed, you will not need to pay a further registration fee. In this case, we only require a copy of the renewal of the tenancy and a copy of the current gas safety certificate.

Please be advised that a retrospective sublet registration will incur an administration fee of £90 including VAT. As per the terms of the lease, it is the leaseholder’s responsibility to notify the landlord of the intention to sublet before commencement of any tenancy.

Failure to register this with us may result in a breach of your lease and we could take legal action against you.

If you are subletting your property, you assume landlord responsibilities and you must be aware of your legal obligations. You can find the landlord guidelines on the website.

See also tackling tenancy fraud.

Shared ownership homeowners

In January 2022 the Government announced that shared owners can now sublet their homes where they are unable to sell or remortgage because of the EWS1 issues, or where they’re expecting high building safety costs.

First, you'll need to complete an online sublet registration form and we’ll process your application.

Short-term letting (including Airbnb)

Short term subletting through holiday letting sites (like Airbnb) is a breach of your lease terms and therefore is not permitted by the Hyde Group.

If you are experiencing issues with suspected Airbnb subletting, in your block then please contact us online, or get in touch with your Property Manager.

See our full list of admin fees (PDF, 133KB) to learn more.