The key to a successful move

Posted on 25 October 2023

After being homeless for four years, living on the streets and in different hostels, David* was allocated a two year non secure tenancy by Northamptonshire Partnership Homes.

As his two-year tenancy approached its end, Northamptonshire Partnership Homes nominated David for one of our sheltered schemes.

David had received an autism diagnosis and also had mobility issues, so it was important to understand if he would need support when he began his new tenancy with us. Marie, Hyde’s Lettings Advisor, tells us more:

“After carrying out an initial application interview, as part of our Allocations and Lettings Policy, I was able to assess David’s needs and consider whether this scheme was a suitable place for him to live.

“I worked with Tracy, our Scheme Manager, and established the suitability of the scheme for David.

“The flat had a wet room and lift access, so I knew that access would not be a problem despite David’s mobility issues.

“Tracy and I also discussed the importance of a care and support worker being involved, as David required support with moving to his new home and becoming familiar with his new surroundings. He would also need support to help manage his finances.

“David’s social worker confirmed that he was very independent – particularly about paying his rent on time. The social worker also confirmed that support in the other areas would need to be provided. This would be from when David moved in, with the possibility of there being long term support in the community. Knowing a robust support plan was in place, David was offered the property and we arranged a viewing for him.

“Tracy and I asked the Housing Support Officer from Northamptonshire Partnership Homes, to attend the viewing with David. After a tour of the scheme and seeing the flat, David was keen to proceed and sign the tenancy documents. He felt the new environment would give him a better quality of life.

“David was excited about the prospect of being able to sit and enjoy the surroundings of his new home. He particularly liked the location of the flat as it looked over a main road – he found comfort in watching vehicles and the world go by.”

Adapting to our customer’s needs

“I was aware of the amount of information there is to take in during the tenancy induction, and considered how I was going to deliver the information to David in a language he understood. I didn’t want to overwhelm him or make him feel uncomfortable.

“Considering the information I had from supporting agencies regarding David’s capabilities, I focused on the importance of David feeling the letting /induction was about him and no one else in the room.

“I was clear and direct while explaining the responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant and broke points down into small chunks and stuck to the point. I also gave David time between points to ask any questions or tell me if he had any concerns.

“Tracy also offered reassurance and explained how she could support David with any concerns he had about his tenancy. She also reassured him that she would continue to liaise with his support network.

“David was so happy when I finally handed him the keys to his new home. It was rewarding and heartwarming to know that by working together we can provide settled homes to people who have not had the easiest of journeys. I’m proud to have been part of David’s journey and look forward to meeting him again when I next visit the scheme.“

*David is not our customer’s real name