Report a repair

How to report a repair

We have different repairs and heating contractors depending on where you live. Find out who your contactor is: Who is my local contractor? 

  • If you are a Property Maintenance or Property Maintenance London customer, report your repair on MyAccount
  • If you are with another contractor you can report a repair using our online repair form

  • Or call us during working hours from 8am to 5pm on 0800 3 282 282. When you call Customer Services you will need to select the option for your local contractor.

  • You should always report an emergency repair by phone. You can also report an issue with a communal service online, eg cleaning or gardening.

If you report a repair that is a result of damage or that is your responsibility you may be charged for that appointment and the repair if it is carried out. Find out more about recharges.

How quickly will we attend to your repair?

Emergency repairs within 4 hours (and made safe within 24 hours)

These are repairs which threaten health, safety or security or could cause significant damage to your home including flooding or total loss of electricity or water. Please note this will usually be a 'make safe' option - and a further appointment will be made to carry out a permanent repair. We will be with you within 4 hours, but please note it may take up to 24 hours to carry out the 'make safe' repair.

Find out if your repair is an emergency

Non-urgent repairs within 20 working days

All non-urgent repairs will be attended to within 20 working days and arranged for the soonest available time slot convenient for you.

We’ll aim to get your appointment booked in on your first contact with us, saving you another call. We offer morning or afternoon slots so you won’t have to wait in as long for someone to attend. You can advise us of your availability when you report your repair via our online form.

All our contractors will make contact 24 hours prior to any repair and send a text or call when they’re on the way.

Please note, reporting your repair multiple times by different methods may result in your enquiry being duplicated causing a delay in the processing of your enquiry.

Vulnerable residents

We may deal more urgently with some repairs for vulnerable residents. Please contact us for more information.