Service with Respect

Posted on 07 July 2022

We welcome the new legislation to protect customer-facing workers that means tougher sentencing for people who assault public service workers. This change in the law is a key first step in reducing hostility towards customer-facing staff.

After almost two years of campaigning through the Institute of Customer Services’ 'Service with Respect' initiative, this law change has now come into effect, making the penalties for abusing customer-facing workers much harsher.

The Institute’s research, along with testimonies and support of campaign workers, show how critical this change is. Over 44% of frontline retail staff have experienced hostility from customers in the past six months. This is up from 35% in February 2022.

Matt Vickers MP has backed the 'Service with Respect' campaign, highlighting that there are over 455 assaults on retail workers every day.

Paul Singleton, Hyde’s Director of Customer Experience said: “This is very welcome news and something that we fully support. These are tough times for many and our Customer Services team have also noticed a rise in aggressive and abusive reactions from stressed customers. Please remember that we’re here to help.

“The new legislation shows the importance of both a zero-tolerance approach and the investment in skilled customer service professionals.”

To find out more visit the Institute of Customer Service.