Moving out of your home temporarily

In certain situations, we may ask you to temporarily move out of your property. For example, if we need to carry out works to your home, and the process will help us complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is called ‘decanting’.

The process may seem daunting, which is why you’ll be supported by one of our dedicated Decant Officers, who will help to make the move as smooth as possible.

Why do I need to leave my home?

You may need to temporarily move out of your home if you're having work carried out on your home, and moving out means that we can carry out the work faster and more effectively.

What will a Decant Officer do?

A Decant Officer will get in touch with you to discuss your situation and the process. Then they will look at the most suitable temporary accommodation for you.

Where could I be moved to?

We’ll talk to you about the best option for you, before we take anything further: For example, often staying with friends or family might be the most suitable option.

For stays that are longer than 14 days, we may move you into another Hyde home or private let. We’ll offer you a property that matches your current home’s number of bedrooms and any adaptations required.

We’ll try and find a suitable home in the borough you live in, but unfortunately this isn’t always possible.

Our leaflet explains more about what it means for you and how we can help (PDF, 826KB).