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Posted on 05 February 2024

The cost-of-living crisis continues to bite. 

In the UK, 4.2 million households are going without essentials, with 3.4 million households reporting that they don’t have enough money for food*.

Maintaining a healthy budget is important, as it’s often large, unexpected costs that cause us to fall into arrears. Always remember, talk to us if you’re struggling, and we can offer support.

There are also free online tools that can help. Why not give them a try:  

Cost of living helper

Try this quick and easy cost of living online guide. Access each area for further information and links on bills, paying for essentials, income and paying for housing:

Universal Credit helper

Applying for the first time? The step-by-step Universal Credit guide leads you through:


Monitor your rent balance and make payments, while enjoying all the other home management features, with MyAccount.

Benefit calculator 

Follow the steps on this calculator to see what benefits you’re entitled to. There could be money waiting for you that you’re not claiming.

Budgeting tool and personal budget sheet 

Just knowing your income and outgoings using our personal budgeting sheet (PDF, 94KB) is proven to help stay in the black.

Remember, if you’re worried about paying your rent, it’s better to let us know. Eviction is an absolute last resort. We want to help you stay in your home and thrive, just like we do with many customers in arrears each day.

We can set up affordable payment plans so you pay arrears little by little, we can help you check your benefit entitlements. We can even help you find employment if you’re looking.

Visit our Helping Hand pages for more advice and sources of help. Or, get started by contacting us and speaking to our expert Income team.

* Source: Joseph Rowntree Foundation