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Boiler leak at Gary Court, Croydon - 17 February 2018

A new pump has been installed at Gary Court and there is now a reduced service available for heating and hot water.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


Evidence of wasps

You may hear buzzing and spot wasps flying in and around the nest (which could be outside your home).


Wasp infestation can be dealt with by destroying the nest; baiting or trapping; using insecticides; flying insect control units and proofing. Any treatment must be carried out carefully, as wasps can be aggressive. Use an insecticide in the evening when wasps are less active. Wear personal protective equipment to prevent stings.

More about wasps

Wasps build nests in dry soil, old mouse burrows and in roof voids. Nests can contain more than 5,000 wasps but all but the queen dies in the winter and the nests are abandoned. Some people are sensitive to stings and may suffer severe, occasionally life-threatening reactions. 


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