Evidence of bees

You may hear buzzing and spot a hive in your garden.


Always seek the advice of a beekeeper when dealing with bees. Some may be unwilling to remove the nest, as Honey Bees are valuable to the environment. Honey Bees nests will not be removed, unless they are in chimneys or wall cavities. In these cases, powder or spray is used to kill them. Combs should be removed and nest entrances blocked to prevent other bees entering after treatment.

More about bees

There are two main types of bee: the Honey Bee and the Masonry Bee. Honey Bees can build nests in wall cavities or chimneys, while Masonry Bees bore holes in mortar joints and lay single eggs. Swarms of bees can be a nuisance and honey can seep out of nests once Honey Bees are killed, staining walls and ceilings and causing mould to form.


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