Evidence of fleas

If your pets are scratching excessively or if you spot bites on your legs (usually below the knee).


It is not possible to completely stop fleas getting into your home but regularly vacuuming carpets and treating pets can help.


Use an insecticide on carpets and treat pets at the same time. You should also wash your bed clothes and pets’ bedding at above 60°C.

More about fleas

Fleas are common in homes with pets and tend to be the Cat Flea or the Bird Flea (the Human Flea is very rare in the UK). Adults are red to brown and 2 to 3mm long. They lay 0.5mm long eggs and tend to live on the host animal, in pets’ bedding and at the junctions between walls and floors.

Fleas tend to hatch if they sense vibrations or CO2 levels are raised, which is why they can attack people moving into homes that have been empty for some time. They bite their host animal or humans and can also carry the dog tapeworm, which can infect humans.


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