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There’s so much you can do online – you can connect with friends and family, save money and learn about the things that interest you. However, we understand that technology and the internet can be scary

With free internet access (at selected locations) and assistance in sourcing affordable equipment, we can help any Hyde resident to get connected, build your confidence and feel safe online.

Where can you get online?

A number of our local community centres have sessions where you can use the IT facilities available. Find out more about where you can get online.

Affordable equipment and internet access

Don't have the equipment? Not to worry, there are companies who specialise in refurbished laptops and computers. We understand that computer equipment is costly and have therefore come up with some ideas of companies who could help you. See our affordable equipment and connectivity page for more information.

Helpful how-to guides

A series of useful guides to digital photography, social networking, email and many more.

Can't find it?