Customer involvement - our impact

In 2020 we launched our new customer involvement service, which included a new customer involvement plan (PDF, 350KB). Here are a few examples of how residents have helped us to improve our services for everyone in the last year. You can click on the highlighted links for more information.

What we’ve improved together

  • Customer Voice have helped with our coronavirus communications to make sure they’re clear, empathetic and offered as much support as possible for everyone finding things difficult.
  • Both Customer Voice and Home Owners Panel have continued to challenge us about service charges, fire safety and communications. Both are welcoming new members, if you’d like to observe one of their meetings get in touch at [email protected].
  • The Resident Inspection Team suggested over 15 service improvements following their inspections of our complaints service, grounds maintenance and cleaning and estate services.
  • Residents were involved in choosing contractors and designing services for major maintenance projects, internal lifts and hoist contractors and parking services.
  • 7 residents completed the Future Leaders programme.
  • 2 residents joined our Complaints Board and helped to review how we manage complaints.
  • Residents helped to design staff training to improve our communication skills.
  • We’ve held online information sessions for residents about service charges, Property Managers and Customer Involvement. Let us know if you’d like to join a future online information workshop.

How we’ve worked with residents in the past year  

  • 3143 individual residents were involved in engagement activities
  • 308 residents met with us on 74 online video meetings
  • We sent out 18,632 surveys
  • 26,000 customers received two copies of this Customer Involvement bulletin; 10,000 people without emails got it in the post
  • We supported 32 Tenant and Resident Associations and groups to make a difference where they live
  • 1166 residents have used the OAK
  • Our longest ever OAK thread - ‘Coronavirus how are you managing’ - has been running since March 2020 and has had 161 individual posts