What's new with MyAccount?

Posted on 02 April 2024

Our free online portal is your window into our services, and it’s just had an upgrade

Over the past twelve months we’ve been improving the way we use digital to serve our customers. MyAccount has had a makeover, and we’ve built it up so you can do more.

Booking repairs

MyAccount is the fastest way to book repairs to your home. Follow the steps to self-diagnose the problem. We can then see exactly what we need to carry out the repair. You can even choose the date and time yourself. You can reschedule if you need to, or cancel it completely. With just a few clicks we’ll be on our way.

The repair is logged onto our system the same way as if you were to call. So why not cut out the middle step, and log in from wherever you are.

All your current and past repairs will be in MyAccount for you to track. Viewing and booking communal repairs are coming soon too.

Service charges

You can now use MyAccount to view your service charges. Each charge is listed in detail, and tells you the exact amount for each one. We’ve also included a little description of each charge in case you’re not sure.

View your account, track your payments, and download statements. You can also raise service charge enquiries in MyAccount, and they’ll go directly to our specialist team.

Tell us how we’re doing

MyAccount is the easiest way to tell us what you’re thinking. Give us some general feedback, say thanks to a particular person, raise a formal complaint, or tell us what you think about MyAccount itself.

Requesting information and making enquiries

There are lots of reasons why you may need to talk to us, and we want you to be able to do it all in MyAccount. Each case is unique, but we’re building more functions into MyAccount every day, so you can do more.

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