Planned maintenance

Update: March 2023

Our latest planned maintenance programme is currently being reviewed. We'll update this page when it has been finalised.

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We carry out a range of improvements each year to our homes, buildings and estates, including replacing kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors and roofs.

Stock condition surveys

We do stock condition surveys on our buildings which show us when we need to carry out improvement works, based on the age of the building or the building component (eg the roof, or communal doors and windows).

We have a five year major works programme which is reviewed and updated every year with new information from the stock condition surveys. Nearer the time work is planned (about six to eighteen months before) we carry out a validation survey to check the condition of the building or building components, to see if the work is actually needed. If everything is in a good state of repair, then we won’t carry out unnecessary work.

Cyclical decorations

Decoration of communal areas and the outside of buildings (we refer to these as ‘cyclical’ decorations) is carried out on a seven-year cycle. This work is coordinated with major works, so we can make sure we carry out everything in the most cost-effective way.

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