Hyde's Building Safety Programme

Posted on 02 May 2023

Our customers’ safety is, and always has been our main priority. Whether they’re a tenant, shared owner, or leaseholder, we take the responsibility of keeping our customers and buildings safe seriously.

We’ve developed our Building Safety Programme to make sure our buildings and the people that live in them are safe.

Liz Oliver, Safer Homes and Neighbourhoods Manager said: “The Grenfell Tower tragedy was one that shocked the housing sector, and so we’re committed to doing all we can to ensure resident and building safety.

“We’ve been working hard to assess our buildings, checking for safety risks and taking action where needed. This includes carrying out remediation work on buildings with dangerous cladding.

“Our Building Safety Programme will make sure our customers feel and are safe - and ensure we comply with all building and fire safety regulations.”

Here are some highlights from our Building Safety Programme so far:

  • We’ve carried out 1,642 fire risk assessments over the year 2022-23
  • We’ve checked and tagged 8,437 fire doors (total number of doors in all of our tall towers)
  • We’ve installed more than 900 smoke alarms.

View Hyde’s Building Safety Programme.