Committed to our communities

Posted on 20 September 2023

We’ve joined Caroline Lucas MP and signed Brighton’s Phoenix Estate Neighbourhood Action Plan.

Improving our communities is one of our top priorities. So, we were delighted to be invited to join Caroline Lucas MP and sign the Phoenix Estate Neighbourhood Action Plan (NAP). The signing took place at the Phoenix Community Centre on our Phoenix Estate in Brighton, on 15 September 2023.

The NAP is based on local knowledge and experiences, and identifies priorities, resources and opportunities for people living in the area. It looks at what needs to be improved, and what our residents’ main concerns are. Current priorities for residents include effective action on anti-social behaviour – particularly drug dealing, revitalising the ball park area and a closer working relationship between Hyde and residents. The action plan will commit partners to work with residents to tackle these issues, and progress will be monitored at regular partnership meetings.

The event was also an opportunity for the Phoenix Art Space to present its annual art exhibition - Community Takeover. The exhibition showcases the community engagement projects that have taken place over the past year and includes photographs documenting the work of the food shop volunteers. The event also included a film about the impact of the financial crisis on the lives of residents on the Phoenix Estate.

Tony Morgan, Hyde’s Head of Specialised Housing and Strategic Neighbourhoods, who attended the event and signed the plan, said: “The Phoenix Estate has a strong sense of community and we’ll work together with our partners to help tackle the issues customers are facing.

“The art exhibition is a great example of the sense of community in the area. Feeding families, looking after our neighbours and how change can affect us all, is a theme to the exhibition and very much highlights the reasoning behind the action plan.

“This event also highlighted the importance of the Phoenix Food Shop – which we support. As the colder months approach, and the cost of living soars, people will need this vital help more than ever. The Food Shop also provides a valuable opportunity for people to meet and support each other.”

The Phoenix Food Shop was established by members of the local residents’ association during the pandemic to help those struggling to access affordable food, and is run by local residents.

The Neighbourhood Action Plan is supported by our partners including Brighton and Hove City Council, Trust for Developing Communities, Phoenix Art Space, Phoenix Food Shop, Phoenix Community Association and Sussex Police.