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Dealing with household pests

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When are residents responsible for dealing with pests?

It is your responsibility to treat and remove pests in your home. The first step is to check with your local authority, which may have a pest control programme, to see if it can help. The local authority may charge you for this service. Alternatively you can contact a pest control specialist directly, again you will be charged for this. You can also follow our top tips for keeping your home pest-free.

When is Hyde responsible for dealing with pests?

When an infestation is affecting several homes, or presents a risk to public health, Hyde is responsible for removing pests from communal areas.

Top tips for keeping your home pest-free

  • Wipe kitchen surfaces and floors regularly to remove any traces of food, especially after preparing or eating a meal
  • Clean up food spills immediately
  • Don’t leave food (including pet food) or dirty dishes out, particularly overnight
  • Store food in sealed containers
  • Make sure rubbish is in a bin bag and throw it away in your bin or bin store
  • Keep your garden tidy (e.g. don’t leave rubbish and old furniture out) to reduce the chance of mice and rats nesting
  • Feed birds using a table or a feeder off the ground, out of the reach of mice and rats
  • Seal holes around pipework with filler (e.g. wire wool with mastic sealer)
  • Be a good neighbour: Keep communal areas on your estate clean and pick up any rubbish (particularly food).

Below are some common household pests, click on each picture for more information.