Buildings insurance

In most instances, we are obliged to insure the buildings that leaseholders and shared owners live in and you pay us for providing this cover. If there is a managing agent for your property they may provide this insurance so please check with them for confirmation. If you are unsure who insures your property please contact us.

Insuring your personal possessions

Please note: We do not insure the contents of your home and you should make your own arrangements to protect your personal possessions. See Affordable home contents insurance for further information.

Why might the cost of my building insurance gone up in my service charge statement?

The cost of buildings insurance increased nationwide in 2020. This increase was due to a number of factors including:

  • The impact of the coronavirus
  • A reduction in insurer capacity, which means it’s been harder and more expensive to find insurance
  • Increased risks associated with things like building safety.

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