A new home meant Sam could leave hospital

Posted on 18 October 2023

One of our priorities is helping our customers live in the right home for them. This means supporting them to move to another Hyde home or to another landlord as their needs change.

Our Empty Homes and Lettings Team (EHL) recently received information from Chichester Council that our customer, Sam*, had been admitted to hospital. Due to health issues, Sam wasn’t able to return to his home, so couldn’t be discharged.

EHL, Chichester Council and the hospital immediately worked together to understand what a suitable home for Sam would be. EHL used this information to identify a property, which the council then nominated Sam for, and the sign up was completed – all within eight days!

Carl Jones, our Empty Homes and Letting Team Leader said:

“Working effectively with our partners resulted in Sam being allocated a home suited to his medical needs. This meant that he could be discharged, freeing up a much-needed hospital bed. We were also able to arrange support with Chichester Council, including a social worker, to arrange moving Sam’s belongings into his new home.

“Doing all this in eight days is record breaking for us – a quick turnaround on our property, meeting Sam’s needs and getting our property let quickly to minimise the time it was empty. An excellent result all-round.”

Great work, including a seamless move and quality customer service. Well done to everybody involved.

*not our customer’s real name