Building a future - we’ve held our first contractors’ away day

Posted on 24 May 2024

Repairs specialists come together to ‘think customer’ to share best practice.

Continuously improving our repairs service and ensuring we keep our customers safe and comfortable in their homes, are some of our top priorities. Nearly 100 repairs specialists, contractor partners and Hyde experts recently came together to share best practice, and discover even more ways to put our customers first.

Contractors from roofers and scaffolders, to heating and plumbing experts attended the event. It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to catch up, and discuss how we can build on our services.

Or, as Mark Batchelor, Hyde’s Property Services Director, summed it up by saying: “How we can work better, smarter, and safer together.”
Colleagues from our Property Maintenance teams were on hand to share tips and advice.

Steve Austin, Hyde’s Head of Property Maintenance said: “Today was all about getting to know each other a bit better. It highlighted the importance of joined up working and building on how we can better work together and get our work done even more efficiently and at the best quality we can.

“By everybody in the room today getting it right, not only are we giving the best level of service we can to our customers, but we could save millions of pounds– which could build a lot of homes for people that really need them.”

Thank you to all our contractors that attended the event. Too many to name individually, but they were literally from A to Z, and included: Acorn Environmental, EMF Roofing, Gully Howard, Orbis, Paynes Heating and Plumbing Services, Pestbusters, Village Heating and Zendrill Scaffolding.

The event was held at Prospero House, London, on 23 May 2024