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Modern slavery and human trafficking statement

We are one of the largest housing associations working in England, owning or managing circa 50,000 homes in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, the East of England and East Midlands.

We recognise the detrimental effect modern slavery has on global society and we are committed to playing our role in combatting it. We take care to ensure that slavery and human trafficking does not exist in any part of our business or supply chain.

This statement sets out how we deliver our commitment to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“the Act”). It reflects on the work done around the Act in financial year 2017/18.

Organisation's structure

Hyde Housing Association is the parent organisation of a number of subsidiaries, together we are known as the Hyde Group (“the Group”). This statement applies to the entire Group.

Our purpose

Our core purpose remains the same as it did when we were established in 1967, which was to help people excluded from the mainstream housing market.  However we are also an award winning house builder and we develop open market housing to subsidise the development of even more affordable homes. We are transparent in reinvesting our profits to fulfil this social purpose.

Our approach to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking is in keeping with our business purpose and meeting our legal and regulatory duties.

Due diligence processes for slavery and human trafficking

Our business


We employ over 1000 members of staff.

We only use specified, reputable employment agencies to source labour and always verify the practices of any new agency we use before accepting workers from that agency. This is reflected in our Recruitment & Selection Policy.

With over 1000 employees we are committed to being an employer of choice; this is evidenced by a number of awards received, including best employer, wellbeing award and workplace culture award.

As an employer we are committed to paying the London Living Wage to all our staff in London and Living Wage to all our staff outside of London and we regularly review our terms of employment to ensure that they comply with all relevant legislation. 

We expect all employees to adhere to the Group’s Staff Code of Conduct.

We ensure that we have systems in place with an overarching policy statement as well as a whistle blowing policy to encourage the reporting of concerns and the protection of whistle blowers

Our residents

As a landlord of over 100,000 residents, we are working on identifying how modern slavery and human trafficking may affect our residents. We come across a wide range of people who reflect a diverse variety of backgrounds and needs. We recognise that isolated residents and people with learning difficulties may be particularly vulnerable or at risk.

Our staff who are in contact with our residents and service users are trained to identify any safeguarding issues, which include signs of exploitation, and comply with the referral process to ensure that incidents of this nature are reported to managers who then work with other agencies such as Local Authority Social Services and the Police.

Our safeguarding and anti-tenancy fraud policies and procedures enable us to take the appropriate action if slavery or human trafficking is identified by us within our homes or by our customers.

Our supply chains

Our supply chains include the sourcing of products and services related to the development and management of housing.

Our procurement activities take place in England and our contractors and suppliers are UK based. We follow The European Union Procurement Directives which govern good practice in procurement.

Managed by a dedicated procurement team, we adhere to our Procurement Policy and Procedure, which ensures we engage with reputable contractors who comply with all appropriate legislation, regulation and practices. The Procedure considers the Modern Slavery Act to be one of the most important pieces of legislation that govern registered providers.

We have developed a Code of Conduct for the Group suppliers. This includes the requirement that all suppliers comply with the Act. We do not trade with suppliers who do not sign our code of conduct.

Our contract management arrangements help us ensure they maintain the standards required.

All our policies are reviewed on a continuous basis to ensure that they reflect best practice and to mitigate against risks.

Staff awareness

To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and our business, all staff and directors have been briefed on the subject. Training has been provided to staff where relevant. This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Act. It constitutes our Group’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31 March 2018. The turnover of the Group exceeds £36 million for that period.

This Statement has been approved by the Board of Directors on 26 April 2019.