Evidence of ants

You will see a nest or spot ants in the home.


It is not possible to completely stop ants getting into your home but keep food preparation and storage areas clean.


Use insecticide for Garden Ants on trails and nests but not on surfaces where food is prepared. Professional pest controllers should be contacted to treat Pharaoh’s and Ghost Ants as they can spread rapidly if not dealt with correctly.

More about ants

Ants nest in deep cavities in building voids. Often difficult to spot, you may see them on hot water pipes and near food scraps or spills. There are three main types to look out for: the Black Garden Ant, the Pharaoh’s Ant and the Ghost Ant.

Black Garden Ant

Garden Ants regularly come into homes to search for food – they like sweet food and protein.

Pharaoh’s Ant

Pharaoh’s Ants originated in tropical regions and like heated buildings such as blocks of flats. They prefer to eat proteins - meat, nuts, cheese, and blood.

Ghost Ant

Ghost Ants are about 1.5mm long with transparent legs and abdomens and dark brown heads and bodies.


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