Thank you to Jan Durbridge

Posted on 24 January 2024

Jan has been a Hyde ‘involved resident’ for over 15 years and as well as chairing Customer Voice, she was also a member of our Group Housing Services Board. As a resident volunteer and representative, she’s been instrumental in ensuring that customer voices are listened to, with the aim of championing their views and improving services.

Through her commitment and energy, Jan has ensured that customer priorities are always taken into consideration.

Through Customer Voice, our senior customer advisory panel, Jan has contributed to key service improvements including: company restructures; Hyde rebranding; review of the Hyde staff values; and our Vulnerable People Policy. She also played a vital part in our Fire Safety Panel, and in helping ensure that our messaging and communication with residents were right during Covid-19 lockdowns.


Jan initially became an ‘involved resident’ because her estate (the Packington Estate in Islington) was being demolished and rebuilt, and Jan wanted to be involved in the planning of their new homes.

She became Chair of the Packington Square Board, working alongside Hyde and the developers to minimise any negative impact, ensuring that the new estate was somewhere residents would be proud to call home.

Her work improved the lives of hundreds of Packington residents, with the scheme winning national awards and being held up as an exemplar of estate regeneration, including by the Prince’s Foundation.

Head of Customer Involvement, Robert Cooper said: “A huge thank you to Jan for being our Customer Voice Chair, attending and participating in so many active groups and panels. She has made a difference to so many customers’ lives – always championing them and ensuring that they get their voices heard.

“Jan is a shining example of how we can all work together to get everything right, from resident involvement through to building design. Involving customers in any decision-making process improves how we work together, making communities where people really want to live.”

Jan will be replaced by Stella Young, who was Customer Voice Vice Chair and Chair of the Resident Inspection team.