Pick up your DMC tips with Rich

Posted on 22 November 2023

As the cold, wet weather is well and truly with us, we want to highlight how we’re working with customers to tackle damp, mould and condensation (DMC) together.

And, where better to learn our DMC busting tips, than from Head of Property Maintenance, Kent, Rich Pickup. Rich is experienced in all aspects of DMC, from prevention to tackling it in our homes.

Rich’s favourite tip is: “Warm air ventilation prevents condensation” and here are some of his others:

1. Minimise the amount of moisture in your home

  • Dry clothes outside where possible, or in a room (preferably the bathroom) with a window open, or extractor fan running, and doors closed. Only use a tumble dryer if it’s venting outside, or has a condenser
  • Never put wet clothes on a radiator - they fill the room with moisture in seconds
  • Keep lids on saucepans when cooking, ventilate the room and keep your extractor fan on
  • You aren't allowed to use stand-alone paraffin or bottled gas heaters - they’re a safety risk and will also release large amounts of water vapour into your home
  • Always run the extractor fan or open a window when showering, and wipe away any excess water on floors, tiling and worktops
  • Trickle vents on your windows and doors must remain open
  • Run cold water in the bath before adding hot.

2. Improve air movement around areas prone to mould

  • Pull all furniture away from walls, including beds
  • Leave a gap between the curtains and the wall during the day
  • Keep air bricks and vents open and clear
  • Don't add a seal to kitchen and bathroom windows or to windows in rooms that are prone to damp
  • Don't overfill cupboards and shelves
  • If possible, open windows to increase ventilation and air your home regularly
  • Don't overfill your rooms with possessions, furniture and belongings.

3. Minimise the number of cold surfaces by heating your home to a reasonable level of warmth

  • It’s recommended to keep your home heated to between 16°C and 21°C. This temperature can be lower at night and when you're out.

4. Wipe down small patches of mould

  • Use an anti-fungal spray from a hardware shop or supermarket. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These sprays are designed to help stop the mould spreading

5. Wipe down condensation from windows and other areas each morning and open windows for a while

  • Use a cloth, squeegee or window vacuum cleaner to remove moisture that's formed overnight.








Remember, if you’re experiencing a damp and mould issue in your home, please report it.

Spot it, Wipe it, Report it.