On the road to recovery

Posted on 28 June 2023

Thanks to our Advice and Advocacy team, Mr Davie can concentrate on his road to recovery, rather than on money worries.

Mr Davie*, a 69 year old from Cambridgeshire, was referred to Hyde Foundation to make sure that he was getting all the benefits he was entitled to. He has recently retired, but was then diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and bladder cancer. He’s in receipt of his state pension, as well as two smaller private pensions.

Unfortunately, his reduced income, existing debt, and the cost of living crisis meant that Mr Davie didn’t have enough money for food and was struggling financially.

His health issues meant that he had to make regular visits to the hospital, and his loans and credit cards were causing him added stress.

Providing much-needed advice and support

Mr Davie was referred to Hyde’s Advice and Advocacy Advisor, Joseph Clark, who helped Mr Davie claim Housing and Council Tax Benefit. Joseph also helped him successfully claim Attendance Allowance – a benefit that helps people of state pension age with a long-term illness or disability.

Joseph investigated Mr Davie’s situation further and found out that he had debts of £8,800 in the form of credit cards and a loan. With Joseph's help, they agreed to apply for a Debt Relief Order (DRO).

This was the first time that we had put a Debt Relief Order in place. Hyde intermediary, Stephen, helped with the online application and just over a week later it was approved by the Insolvency Service. There was more good news, because an error was spotted in Mr Davie’s housing benefit claim and his payment was increased.

Our first Debt Relief Order

Katie Ford, our Advice and Advocacy Programme Manager said:

“This was the first time that we’d carried out a Debt Relief Order. We knew that Mr Davie was in exactly the kind of situation that it would help. His qualifying debts were less than £30,000, he doesn’t own his home, and he has less than £75 left each month after expenses.

“This financial help has removed a huge weight from Mr Davie’s mind, meaning that he can now concentrate on his road to recovery.”

Thanks to the Hyde team, Mr Davie is now receiving benefits of £110.36 per week, as well having all his £8,810 debts written off. Joseph is now also helping Mr Davie’s sister with much-needed additional support.

Mr Davie recently got in touch with us and said:

“Joseph was a very helpful person. He helped me through some things that I needed professional support with. He also put me in touch with Stephen at Hyde, and he was able to help me as well with a Debt Relief Order, which he sorted very quickly for me. I’d like to say thank you to you both for the support you gave me, and I would also like to say that I would recommend you to anyone else that needs help. Once more, thank you so much.”

*Not Mr Davie’s real name