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Internet Crystal Mark

Our website is a holder of the Internet Crystal Mark. This means it's attained the required standard for ease of use set by the Plain English Campaign.

The Plain English Campaign has examined our website, taking into account the following:

  • high quality content written in plain English throughout
  • accessibility for disabled users, such as an audio screen reader and clear colour contrast with easy-to-read text
  • simple navigation and layout, such as clearly labelled and located links, so you can find things easily
  • user-friendly design which works on mobile phones and tablets, so you can search, read or contact us just as easily when you’re away from your desk
  • whether the website works across different browsers and devices, because having the wrong type of computer or software should not be a barrier to our services.

The campaign will continue to monitor this site year round for anything that doesn't meet their crystal mark standards.

This logo demonstrates our long-term commitment to plain English and to keeping our website clear, simple and easy to use for all our residents.

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