Notice to quit - monthly tenancies

We cannot accept an online notice to quit without a valid email address

This date can be no earlier than one month from today
Please give the full address of where you are moving to or, If you are acting as an Executor or Administrator, or if you are acting with Power of Attorney, please provide your contact address

  • A minimum of four weeks’ notice, in writing, is required to terminate a tenancy. The tenancy will end four weeks from the Monday following service of this notice.
  • You will continue to be liable for the rent until the end of the tenancy.
  • Any keys not returned to your local Hyde Group office by 12pm on the day your tenancy ends will mean further charges. If keys are received after this time, a charge for use and occupation will be made for the period from the day your tenancy ends to the day the keys are received or we obtain vacant possession of the property. There will also be a charge for keys that are not returned.
  • You authorise the Hyde Group to enter the property should the keys be returned before the expiry date of the Notice to Quit.
  • The property must be left in a clean and tidy condition, clear of all belongings, carpets, laminate flooring and all other fixtures and fittings that are not maintained by the Hyde Group e.g. curtain rails, shelves, light fittings etc. If anything is left, there may be a charge for its disposal.
  • You authorise the Hyde Group to dispose of any furniture and effects left in the property at the end of the tenancy. If anything is left there may be a charge for its disposal.
  • If this is a joint tenancy, by serving this notice, the effect will be to terminate the tenancy for all joint tenants.
  • Provisional notices cannot be accepted. A Notice to Quit, once served by the tenant(s), is binding and you will be required to vacate the premises and give up possession to the Hyde Group on the date the notice expires.
  • At the end of the tenancy all occupants must leave the property.
  • You will be charged the cost of any repairs that are the tenant’s responsibility or the making good of damaged caused other than by fair wear and tear.
  • Upon receipt of this completed notice we will need to arrange to inspect the property and arrange a pre-end of tenancy inspection.

Communicating with you

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