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Hyde privacy notice

The Hyde Group is committed to providing high quality landlord services. To do this we need to access, use and sometimes share your information or personal data. This may include sensitive data about you, known as special category data. This notice tells you what we do with your information and why, as well as how, to raise any concerns or exercise any rights you may have about your data.

Alternatively, you may require the Hyde Foundation privacy notice.

Data Controllers and ICO registration reference

Hyde Housing Association Ltd Ref: Z547722X

Hillside Housing Trust Ref: Z9383537

Hyde Southbank Homes Ltd Z7283806

Brent Co-Efficient Ltd ZA753301

Martlet Homes Ltd Z5258353

Why we use your data

Assessing eligibility; allocation and management of tenancies and leases including financial transactions; complaint handling; surveys and investigation and pursuing of legal action eg enforcing tenancy conditions. Reporting on equalities.   

Personal data

Name; address; date of birth; contact details; national insurance number; financial details eg bank and benefits, if applicable. We rely on the lawful basis of contract or legal obligation.

Special category data

Health; race/ethnicity; religion; gender; criminal history, where relevant to your allocation.

We rely on the lawful basis of public interest for taking account of your needs and reporting anonymised data to the regulator/government and for keeping premises secure.

Where we get your data

Nominating Councils; Department of Work & Pensions.

Who we may share your data with and why

Councils; the Department of Work & Pensions; repair and maintenance contractors; managing partners; health and welfare advisors; GPs or other medical professionals involved in your care; contractors providing Lifeline; digital service providers; other housing associations; utilities providers; banks and benefits agencies; debt and finance advisors, CCTV contractors and third parties assisting with transfers of ownership and management of stock assets.

Automated decisions


How long we keep your data

The length of your tenancy +6 years. We have a Retention Schedule which sets out how long we hold different types of data.

Transfer of your data outside UK


Exercising your rights

You have rights over your data - for example of access and to ask for rectification.

To exercise any rights, please contact us at We will consider every request and if we cannot agree to it, we will let you know why and how to appeal this decision.