What are service charges?

If you live in one of our homes where you receive a service to any part of your building, for example hallway cleaning, or communal garden maintenance, you will need to pay service charges. Your lease or tenancy agreement will set out your service charge obligations.

Information specific to you will only be on your statement. We always gather information about the latest statement to help you understand the reasons behind major increases, and explain what we’re doing to help keep costs down.

You’ll receive an estimate for the upcoming financial year each February, and an actual statement every September. Find out more about the Service charge annual cycle.

If you’re a homeowner and your actual statement shows a surplus on your account more than £200, we’ll automatically send you a cheque. If your surplus is under £200, please contact our Income team.

If you’re a tenant, any surplus will show on your next service charge estimate statement.

Make a payment or arrange a payment plan

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