What are service charges?

We provide a huge range of services for customers to make sure their homes and communities are well maintained and safe places people can be proud of, like gardening, cleaning or building safety. We cover these costs and then recharge to customers. We don’t make any profit in collecting these charges. In fact, in the last five years, there’s around £10m that we haven’t recharged to customers.

We’re working hard to get best value for money in delivering quality services, but the costs of providing services have increased in recent years. Factors like rising energy costs, new government-required safety measures and building insurance, have seen some charges increase, and we know this is difficult for customers.

We offer support to our customers if they need it, and we commit that no one will lose their home if they’re struggling to pay, and are working with us.

Most customers receive an estimate for the upcoming financial year each February, and an actual statement every September. Find out more about the Service charge annual cycle.

If you’re a homeowner and your September actual statement shows a surplus on your account more than £200, we’ll automatically send you a cheque. If your surplus is under £200, please contact our Income team.

If you’re a tenant, any surplus will show on your next service charge estimate statement.


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