We made February a pants month

Posted on 22 March 2023

Last month Hyde Foundation and our women’s staff network group Aspire teamed up to collect over 500 pairs of much-needed pants, that were donated to Chichester Rotary Club and the residents they support.

Therese from Chichester Rotary Club explains: “For most people, pants is a funny word. But sadly for some, pants are a source of anxiety. It’s become such an issue, that children are too ashamed to take part in sporting activities as they’re worried about getting changed in front of others as they don’t have suitable underwear. Some children are even missing out on paid for school trips – they don’t want to go as they’re simply too anxious about their underwear.” 

Collection boxes were placed in our offices and staff were encouraged to donate brand new packets of pants of different sizes or donate funds for purchase of pants throughout February.  

Nimi Shephard-Patel, our Fundraising Manager said: “These small projects of support offer tangible results for our communities. Well done team! Whoever has contributed will be making someone’s life a little less of a challenge.” 

The success of the pants project follows on from our recent ‘Help a mother out’ Christmas campaign.