Plain and simple

Posted on 03 February 2023

Our website has been awarded the Internet Crystal Mark by the Plain English Campaign for the fourth consecutive year demonstrating our commitment to being crystal clear to customers.

We want our website to be quick, easy to use and to make it as straightforward as possible for our customers to find the information they need.

Each year the Plain English Campaign carries out a full review of our site, looking at the language, design, layout, accessibility and navigation.

Our site was praised for the following the features:

  • The site loads quickly and displays well in all standard browsers (Edge, Chrome and Firefox)
  • Our site is easy to use on a mobile device
  • There is voice navigation option (browse aloud) and you can choose which language you’d prefer to hear our site in
  • We have print friendly versions of pages which prints without menus, logos etc
  • Readability score on 56.4 meaning it should be easily understood by 14-15 year olds.

The review also noted that “Grammar and spelling are excellent throughout the site.  Your tone also works very well and feels suitable for the intended audience.”  

We’re always happy to receive feedback, so if you spot anything that could be improved or updated please email [email protected] or use the anonymous feedback button on every page. 

We’ll continue to work hard alongside residents as we further develop the site and keep up this high standard into the future.