HCT's fantastic year

Posted on 18 December 2023

“We had a fantastic 2022-23, which saw us award our widest ever range of grants,” said Katherine Rodgers, Chair of Hyde Charitable Trust (HCT).

“We responded to meet the needs of people impacted by the cost-of-living increases, which are seeing more people than ever fall into poverty, and poverty levels worsen, for those already in financial hardship.”

Last year HCT launched four new funds: the Hardship fund and Energy fund, which provide support to individuals, and the Booster fund and Growth fund, supporting community partners.

“The Booster fund awarded grants to organisations facing rising costs, helping them continue to provide vital services in Hyde’s communities, and the Growth fund recognises the fantastic work of these community partners, by helping them to grow and develop new areas of work,” Katherine explained.

“I’m really excited by the work we’re doing to develop our own grant-making and incredibly proud that we’ve signed up to the Institute of Voluntary Action Research’s open and trusting practices, committing to be a flexible funder who aims to make life easier for those we fund. This isn’t often an area that gets the most focus, but it’s an important aspect of our work.”

“We’re also making some exciting changes. This year we recruited our first-ever Fundraising Manager, who will help us raise more money for grant giving. We’re also continuing to work with our community partners to help them in their fundraising work, last year £500k was raised by our partners, with our support.”

HCT highlights 2022-23:

  • 8,878 people supported through our community partners
  • 2,033 people supported in employment and training activities
  • 2,367 people experiencing food insecurity helped by our community partners
  • 555 older people supported
  • 1,332 young people took part in HCT-supported activities
  • £438k awarded to Hyde customers
  • £433k awarded to community partners
  • £500k raised by community partners with our support.

Looking forward to 2023-24

Katherine added HCT was planning to award about £1.3m in grants to support Hyde’s customers and communities in 2023-24, including £345k to individual customers, more than £700k to partners and more than £280k across other activities, including supporting Hyde’s Early Intervention and Social Value teams.

“We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2024. We’ll be marking this with a number of events, showcasing the fantastic work our partners do, to help us achieve our mission of improving the quality of life, and the life chances of Hyde’s residents and communities,” Katherine said.

Find out about the work Hyde Charitable Trust has funded last year in the HCT Annual Report (PDF, 7MB)