Specialist housing

At Hyde, we house vulnerable customers in our specialist (supported and later living) housing schemes, helping customers to maintain their independence.

We’ve recently improved the way we manage our specialist housing schemes even further with the launch of our Neighbourhoods and Specialist Housing service.

Our later living and supported schemes are now managed by a dedicated team, ensuring our more vulnerable customers receive the specialised support they need.

What is specialist housing?

Specialist housing is social housing provided for adults, which can help them to maintain their independence. It also ensures that support can be provided by specialist organisations, where appropriate.

Our specialist housing accommodation is spread across our six geographic areas: London, London (Central), Brighton, Chichester, Peterborough and Kent.

We own approximately 4,000 specialist housing homes. They’re broken down into two groups:

Later living

Later living housing is a type of accommodation that we offer for older people, consisting of private homes with communal lounges and gardens.


Supported housing is social housing provided for vulnerable adults with special needs. This includes learning and physical disabilities, mental health problems, drug and alcohol addictions, teenage parents and their children, and homelessness.

We also provide temporary housing to support individuals as they work towards regaining stability in their lives.

How can I live in specialist housing?

We don’t hold a direct waiting list for specialist housing. If you want to know more about specialist housing, please contact your local council. See Direct Gov for how to contact your local council and more about applying for specialist housing. You can apply for specialist housing through your council, even if you’re not already a Hyde customer.