Evidence of bed bugs

You may find bed bugs or their eggs in seams of the bed base, in electrical sockets and at junctions between walls and floors. Blood spots can be visible.


It is not possible to completely stop bed bugs getting into your home. Vacuuming the bedroom and regularly changing bed clothes may restrict growth but can move the bed bugs to other parts of the home.


Up to three spray treatments are needed. Contact a professional pest controller as if bed bugs are not controlled properly, the infestation can spread.

More about bed bugs

Bed bugs are found in the cleanest of homes – they are brought in with infested furniture, baggage or clothes. They are nocturnal and live in beds, frames, mattresses and other furniture, as well as behind skirting boards and behind ripped wallpaper during the day, before coming out a night to feed on humans and other animals. Adults are red to brown, 4 to 5mm long, oval and smell unpleasant. They can live for up to a year without food. Eggs are 1mm long and white and can be found in crevices throughout the home. Blood spots may be visible.


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