Plentific – we’re finding contractors faster

Posted on 21 September 2023

We’ve partnered with Plentific – connecting us to specialist contractors.

Delivering a first class repairs and maintenance service to our customers is our priority. However, an increase in repair backlogs caused by the pandemic, a rising demand for services and complex repairs, such as damp and mould, mean that carrying out our routine repairs has taken longer than we’d like.

To help us get on top of our maintenance activities, we’re now sourcing contractors using the Plentific platform. The contractors then carry out vital repairs for some of our customers. Plentific is an experienced housing association partner and is helping us meet the demand by connecting us to specialist contractors.

Steve Austin, Hyde’s Head of Maintenance said:

“Working with the Plentific platform is helping ensure we’re on top of our maintenance work, providing an even better, all-round and cost effective level of service. With the winter months approaching, it’s particularly important that we’re on top of our activities, as we’re expecting an increase in demand.

“There’s a lot of specialised trade in the market, including individual contractors, many of whom may not be used to working with large organisations. Through Plentific, we can tap into this resource, safe in the confidence that each contractor has already been vetted. This means we can focus on completing the work for our customers, in a timely and professional manner.”

We started working with Plentific in July this year, and we can already see a difference – 84% of the repairs subcontracted through Plentific were completed within two weeks, and 97% were completed within four weeks. (The 3% not completed were a result of the work being more complicated than originally expected.)

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