Fixing up a storm

Posted on 10 June 2024

We’re celebrating Property Maintenance Kent’s (PMK) first six months at Hyde.

Continuously improving our repairs services is one of our top priorities. PMK joined Hyde at the end of 2023, when we brought our repairs and electrical maintenance services that cover parts of London and Kent, in-house. (These services were previously provided by Equans).

PMK covers our homes from Tunbridge Wells to Dover, and across to Croydon – looking after 6,800 homes for our customers. The services they provide range from light switches to underpinning, and from stair repairs to roof renewals.

We caught up with Rich Pickup, Head of PMK, to find out more about what PMK have achieved in their first months at Hyde.

The first thing Rich wanted to do was share some stats, highlighting how well the team have done:

Since October 2023, the team has

  • Seen the number of repairs booked increase daily - increasing from 90 per day in October to 130 on average in May. The most booked in one day peaked at 253 repairs
  • On one day alone, colleagues from the team visited 144 homes, completing 131 repairs – all within 24 hours
  • Expanded to a team of 18 office staff, 24 responsive engineers, 12 roofers and seven electricians. The team has increased by six new operatives since January, to combat the increase in demand
  • Completed 10,480 repairs
  • Erected 251 scaffolds in the PMK area.

And we’re delighted to say that in terms of feedback, the team receives an average of 19/20 as scored by our customers.

Comments from customers include:

“Both trades people were excellent, friendly and quick. They explained what they needed to do, and left the property clean and tidy – efficient throughout.”

Rich said:

“It’s been great seeing the team expand and the difference we’re making to our customers and receiving such great feedback. We’re all looking forward to the next six month and hope we can build on this feedback even further.”

To help celebrate their first months at Hyde, PMK have put together some repairs videos. If you feel like you’re in deep water with your plumbing or want somebody to spark some clarity on where your fuse box is, these simple videos will help you look after your home.

Video guides for looking after your home