Brent Coefficient tenants

The Brent Coefficient is a unique partnership set up by Hyde to deliver much needed affordable housing in Brent, London.

Residents of the Brent Coefficient receive services from Hyde and our partner repairs contractor Ian Williams.

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You can make use of the services available on the main site in the same way as all Hyde tenants, but if you wish to contact Brent Coefficient, please use these details.

Email:[email protected]

Tel: 0207 288 7728

  • Choose option 1 for repairs and maintenance
  • Choose option 2 for rent, housing management and all other enquiries

Address: Stonebridge Centre, 6 Hillside, London, NW10 8BN


Am I a Brent Coefficient tenant?

To find out if you are a Brent Coefficient tenant, see our list of covered properties below.

Blocks / flat numbers

House numbers



Alain Court (1-19) 11 Washbourne Rd NW10 8GL
Ada Lewis House (1-42 & 43-57)   Empire Way HA9 0RB
Barnhill House (1-15)   St Davids Close HA9 9PA
Brentholme House (1-13) 9 Willesden Lane NW6 7RB
30 (1-13), 22 (A-C) 18, 20, 24-28 Crawford Street NW10 8RP
Ethelred Court (1-88) 1 The Mall HA3 9TF
  17-21 Harley Close HA0 4YL
1-8 58 Hilltop Avenue NW10 8RS
Homelea Court (1-7) 191 Willesden Lane NW6 7YN
John Wilson House (2-7) 167 Willesden Lane NW6 7YL
7(A-D), 17(A-D), 25 (1-20) 3-5,9-15,19-23 (odds) Marshall Street NW10 8SA
Melrose House (1-21) 201 Melrose Avenue NW2 4NA
5-15   Perrin Road HA0 2NW
5A-5C,15A-15B 1-9, 13-19 (odds) Washbourne Road NW10 8GL
Wealdstone Court (1-44) 32 Brook Avenue HA9 8PQ