Making improvements to your home

This information is for tenants looking to make home improvements, if you are a Hyde homeowner or shared owner please visit the property alterations for homeowners page.

Tenants can make improvements to their homes provided certain conditions are met. If you wish to make improvements, you will need to complete an application form and supply us with any relevant documentation (eg building control, planning permission).

Before completing the form you are advised to take a moment to carefully read the guidelines and conditions below. 

Home improvement application form - tenants 

Terms and conditions for home improvements

You should receive our written approval prior to commencing any improvement works and keep all receipts, and forward these or copies to the association.

Unless otherwise agreed with the Hyde Group, the total cost of the work and related expenses will be met by yourself as the tenant of the property.

You must advise the Area Surveyor when works are due to commence and when works are completed in order that the Area Surveyor may inspect.

Any contractors you employ must be suitably qualified and members of the respective trade organisation and hold a current Public Liability insurance policy. Where applicable, the manufacturer or contractor should provide a guarantee for improvements.

You must ensure that the appropriate statutory authorities are involved where necessary:

  • You may need planning permission or building regulation approval before undertaking some works - if this is the case, the approval must be sent to the Resident Services Manager before the association can give can give permission for the work to be carried out.
  • Notices may need to be served on the District Valuer, gas, electric and water boards; drainage inspectors, etc. If required, the Association will need to see proof of these notices before giving consent for works to go ahead. Any conditions required by these statutory authorities should be met.

In carrying out the improvement, you will be required to ensure:

  1. any new part or component installed by you or your own contractor will remain your responsibility to maintain and repair. If the installation causes any damage after or during installation you are responsible to repair this damage also;
  2. that if there are common parts to the building, they must be protected and clear of obstruction. After the works have been completed, common parts should be cleaned and free from dust;
  3. that any damage caused during the works are notified and put right at your expense. You will be liable for any claims of damage from a third party;
  4. you should notify all neighbours likely to be affected by the works and take all possible steps to minimise inconvenience and nuisance to them. In particular no work should be undertaken outside the hours of 8.00 am to 9.00 pm and noisy operations which may disturb others should only be undertaken between the hours of 9.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday;
  5. where works necessitate the interruption of services to neighbours, ie temporary disconnection of gas, water and electricity, mutually satisfactory arrangements must be made with them beforehand;
  6. access is available for the Area Surveyor to inspect works. Should conditions not be met and/or the works are not progressing in a satisfactory manner, the Association reserves the right to order the works be stopped.

When you leave the property, you may:

  1. remove the improvement, but you must reinstate the property to its original state prior to when the improvement took place. Your Surveyor will need to visit and confirm this has been done;
  2. decide to leave the improvement in the property to remain as part of the Association’s fixtures and fittings.

We will pay compensation for the improvement should you vacate the property, provided:

  • the improvement remains as part of the Association’s fixtures and fittings.
  • in order for compensation to be paid you should supply copies of invoices and receipts so that the amount can be calculated.

Some works may mean that a rent increase is necessary if the Association require to maintain or service the improvement. You may wish to clarify this before you commence works.

Home improvement application form - tenants